Thursday, October 15, 2009

Greg & Gretchen Grudgeez

Their lovely home has been on the market for fifteen (15) days, and they’ve had over ten showings. After each showing, their real estate agent reviews the feedback with them. For the most part, the feedback has been positive. However, they receive a bit of feedback from one particular buyer that made an unflattering comment about the drapes in the formal living room.

My Advice: Greg and Gretchen, this happens more times than I care to remember. When you put your home on the market, you are opening it up to the public. Each person that comes through will have an opinion, and unfortunately, those opinions may differ from yours. So what if they don’t like your drapes? You’re not asking them to buy them. They’re yours, and you’re taking them with you! When that FOR SALE sign goes up in your front yard, you have to put on a full armor of feedback protection. If you choose to hold a grudge when that same buyer makes an offer, you may make negotiations difficult or nonexistent. Do the right thing…let it go.

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