Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dan & Deanna De’Sellerz
They have done all of the necessary repairs, updates and staging. The home is priced appropriately for the location and amenities. They’ve taken great measures to make sure the home shows well. The De’Sellerz want to sell their home so they can move to the next phase of their lives.

Simon & Sybil Seriouz
They’ve decided it’s time to purchase their first home, and began visiting Open Houses in the area. They meet a real estate agent that fit their needs, but they’re not sure what they can afford. Through the guidance of their new agent, Simon & Sybil meet with a reputable lender.

I have no doubt in my mind that if I were to poll 100 realtors, at least 98 would say that they pray for transactions between the DeSellerz and the Seriouz families. What the other two agents are hoping for, I don’t know.

My Advice: Dan & Deanna/Simon & Sybil, as much as we would love to pair the two of you together, it may never happen. Continue to do what you’re doing, with the knowledge and realization that you may encounter buyers/sellers that don’t share your sense of preparedness or the desire to handle the transaction in a manner that is beneficial to both sides. Don’t lose heart. Keep your eyes on the prize. One door closes, another one opens. (What other clichés can I throw in?) I could go on, but you will find that there is some truth to those sayings, and depending on the progress of the transaction, you may find yourself constantly using them to keep you going. Remember: stay focused…keep your head up…there’s some good in everyone…every cloud has a silver lining. (I knew I could muster up a few more!)

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