Friday, August 28, 2009

Milton & Marcia Messier
They just don’t have a knack for keeping their home tidy. During the listing presentation, their agent explained to them the importance of preparing and maintaining the home during the listing period. The couple believes their home is fine just the way it is, that would-be buyers should appreciate the “lived-in” look and see its potential. If they want to buy a museum, they should go elsewhere. The Messier’s home has been on the market over 4 months, and they can’t quite figure out why they continue to receive negative feedback, and none of the prospects have hinted at presenting an offer.

Dustin & Denise DeLusionalz
These buyers stumble upon an Open House sign one bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. The home looks lovely, and they can’t resist. They tell the agent they’ve always wanted to buy a home in the area, and this particular home met every need including price. The only thing standing in their way is selling their current home. They write an offer, with a contingency that they must sale their current home first. What they’ve failed to mention are the stack of Past Due mortgage statements sitting on their kitchen table.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Buddy & Bonita Badnewz

They really want to buy a house. It’s very important that buy before the end of the year because their lease is up. Their agent takes them to half a dozen homes and they fall in love with one. After a bit of negotiating, their offer is accepted. However, every phone call they put in to their agent thereafter always goes like this: “Hey, it’s Buddy & Bonita. We’ve got bad news.”

Percy & Penelope Privatey

These sellers want complete discretion while their home is on the market. They were very clear about their wishes with their agent. There is to be no yard sign and no lockbox on the front door. They also want to be present at every single showing so they can see who is coming in and out of their home.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dan & Deanna
They have done all of the necessary repairs, updates and staging. The home is priced appropriately for the location and amenities. They’ve taken great measures to make sure the home shows well. The De’Sellerz want to sell their home so they can move to the next phase of their lives.

Oscar & Olivia
They’ve just left their friends new home, and they want one too. Being able to decorate, and not to mention the huge tax break they’ll receive, is very appealing to them. They glance at their bills but don’t consider them a huge factor. Instead, they base everything on what they currently pay in rent and utilities.

I woke up ready to get the day started. For some reason, I was optimistic about the day. You know, I felt as though I was going to be extremely productive. I had my trusty planner, ready to check off everything on my To-Do List. But that proved to be easier said than done.
On my way to the doctor’s office, a couple of red lights started flashing on my dashboard. Glitch number one. No harm, no foul. While I’m waiting for repairs to be completed, I’ll post my blogs and check some other things off the list. Unfortunately, my DSL didn’t want to cooperate. I did the usual…unplug, reset. Glitch number two. So, I wrote a little and tried to connect again. Nothing. Nada. Zip. By now, I’m more than a little miffed. I can’t concentrate long enough to do anything. Then I decided to play a mindless game, you know, kill some time and clear my mind. Well, someone forgot to tell me that I needed the dang blasted internet to do that! Ugh!!!
So here’s the good part. My husband comes home and does all of the things I’d done to the DSL cord, and bingo, it works!
And so, a new category is born. I’m sure, with my track record, this will become a staple in every blog I create.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ahh…to finally be labeled a Buyer or Seller. This means you’ve made the decision to hop in the seat, strap yourself in, and wait for the roller coaster to inch its way in an unknown direction. In the next installments, I will introduce you to buyers and sellers. They won’t be in any particular order or grouping. Once the final intros have been made, I will randomly pick a buyer & a seller and match them up to see if we can bring them to the closing table and actually complete the transaction. I welcome comments, questions, & suggestions.

Greg & Gretchen Grudgeez

Their lovely home has been on the market for fifteen (15) days, and they’ve had over ten showings. After each showing, their real estate agent reviews the feedback with them. For the most part, the feedback has been positive. However, they receive a bit of feedback from one particular buyer that made an unflattering comment about the drapes in the formal living room.

Simon & Sybil Seriouz
They’ve decided it’s time to purchase their first home, and began visiting Open Houses in the area. They meet a real estate agent that fit their needs, but they’re not sure what they can afford. Through the guidance of their new agent, Simon & Sybil meet with a reputable lender for preapproval.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I wasn’t sure how I was going to structure the tips. I didn’t want to give the typical, generic list of tips and suggestions that are forgotten as soon as we get to the last one.
Sooo, I decided to create a few personality types that you may encounter as a buyer and/or seller. You will find that some are pleasing, whereas others may be a little less desirable. If you see yourself…great! Hopefully by seeing some of these personalities, it will help you overcome any differences that may come your way to buying/selling your home.

Are you in this crowd? (Figuratively speaking, of course)

As always, these are simply examples. The names and situations used as examples are just that, examples. I'll stress this again tomorrow.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I’m so happy you decided to stop by! I love real estate. And I love that it allows me to still be that clean the house-cook the meals-do the laundry-drive the carpool-cook & serve the team meal-never miss a game-while still working on her first mystery novel Mama.
Whew! I know. Now multiply that by about 10, and that’s the emotional roller coaster you’ll be on when you enter the world of real estate as a buyer or seller.

The goal of The Real Estate Mama is to pass along relevant tips on buying & selling your home, but also give you insight into how emotions come into play, and believe me, they will. But how you handle them can make a huge difference in the outcome. Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to learn something, it can’t be boring. I love to write, so when I give examples, they will more often than not, be in story form.
I really hope you enjoy your visits. I welcome & encourage questions, comments, and suggestions.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It's coming soon, I promise!