Friday, August 28, 2009

Milton & Marcia Messier
They just don’t have a knack for keeping their home tidy. During the listing presentation, their agent explained to them the importance of preparing and maintaining the home during the listing period. The couple believes their home is fine just the way it is, that would-be buyers should appreciate the “lived-in” look and see its potential. If they want to buy a museum, they should go elsewhere. The Messier’s home has been on the market over 4 months, and they can’t quite figure out why they continue to receive negative feedback, and none of the prospects have hinted at presenting an offer.

Dustin & Denise DeLusionalz
These buyers stumble upon an Open House sign one bright and sunny Sunday afternoon. The home looks lovely, and they can’t resist. They tell the agent they’ve always wanted to buy a home in the area, and this particular home met every need including price. The only thing standing in their way is selling their current home. They write an offer, with a contingency that they must sale their current home first. What they’ve failed to mention are the stack of Past Due mortgage statements sitting on their kitchen table.

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