Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ahh…to finally be labeled a Buyer or Seller. This means you’ve made the decision to hop in the seat, strap yourself in, and wait for the roller coaster to inch its way in an unknown direction. In the next installments, I will introduce you to buyers and sellers. They won’t be in any particular order or grouping. Once the final intros have been made, I will randomly pick a buyer & a seller and match them up to see if we can bring them to the closing table and actually complete the transaction. I welcome comments, questions, & suggestions.

Greg & Gretchen Grudgeez

Their lovely home has been on the market for fifteen (15) days, and they’ve had over ten showings. After each showing, their real estate agent reviews the feedback with them. For the most part, the feedback has been positive. However, they receive a bit of feedback from one particular buyer that made an unflattering comment about the drapes in the formal living room.

Simon & Sybil Seriouz
They’ve decided it’s time to purchase their first home, and began visiting Open Houses in the area. They meet a real estate agent that fit their needs, but they’re not sure what they can afford. Through the guidance of their new agent, Simon & Sybil meet with a reputable lender for preapproval.

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