Friday, October 2, 2009

Buddy & Bonita Badnewz

They really want to buy a house. It’s very important that buy before the end of the year because their lease is up. Their agent takes them to half a dozen homes and they fall in love with one. After a bit of negotiating, their offer is accepted. However, every phone call they put in to their agent thereafter always goes like this: “Hey, it’s Buddy & Bonita. We’ve got bad news.”

Have you ever given someone a special ringtone so you know it’s them calling? Well if Buddy & Bonita’s agent did that, I can assure you there is a great amount of stomach churning when their song chimes through.

My Advice: Hopefully your agent has given you a checklist of items you’ll need to produce and in what time frame they are needed. If you’re dragging your feet just because, maybe it’s not the proper time for the two of you to purchase a home. Buddy & Bonita, whatever it is, you owe it to yourselves, your agent, and the sellers, to have your ducks in a row. When an offer is accepted, time is of the essence. Lenders will require certain information…get it to them. The home inspection needs to be scheduled…clear a block of time for this. I can’t say it enough: excuses and bad news will likely result in slowing down the process, creating negative attitudes, or sabotaging the entire deal altogether. Buddy and Bonita, get it together!

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