Thursday, September 24, 2009

Willie & Madi Moneyzworth
These sellers have lived in their home for 25 years. They’ve raised four awesome children and have truly loved every inch of the home. Willie, in particular, has spent tons of time and money making sure everything is up to date and custom-made for them. Madi kept each and every receipt in a large binder and presented it to their agent, just in case anyone needed proof. The Moneyzworth’s have made it clear that they want to recoup every dime they’ve put into the home over 25 years and not a cent less!

Willie & Madi are precious people. We all know at least one couple that is determined to get their money’s worth. It is understandable when you work hard every day and put a lot of time and energy into making your home the place you want to be at the end of each day.

My Advice: Willie & Madi, as adorable as you are, you have to be realistic. Keeping records of repairs and updates is the correct approach to take. However, expecting to get $10,000 back on a $12,000 kitchen remodel you had done in 1990, may not be the wisest thought. Do your research. There are several resources to let you know what remodeling projects will give you the best return. Keep in mind, your city and state may play a huge role in what you should expect to get back., under Cost vs. Value Report has an excellent breakdown of various renovations to get you started.

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