Monday, September 14, 2009

*Disclaimer: The characters are fictitious and bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead. They are make-believe and are used solely for learning purposes. I know, it’s sad, but I have to add it.

I’ve spun the wheel, and the lucky couple for our first dissection are the Privatey’s. Let’s recap:

Percy & Penelope Privatey
These sellers want complete discretion while their home is on the market. They were very clear about their wishes with their agent. There is to be no yard sign and no lockbox on the front door. They also want to be present at every single showing so they can see who is coming in and out of their home.

First, it is solely up to the sellers how they would like their agent to market their home. Having said that, there could be several reasons why they don’t want a sign or lockbox on the front door, and why they insist on being present at each and every showing: The Privatey’s may be going through a foreclosure, which may be extremely embarrassing. A divorce may be in the works. They may have nosy neighbors. Or they could just be control freaks.

If The Privatey’s really want to sell their home, this may pose problems when the agent tries to market the home. Yard signs & fliers are awesome marketing tools. A would-be buyer could drive by the home a million times, wishing to buy it, but because they didn’t know it was for sale, an opportunity is lost. Same applies to mailers. As for the absence of the lockbox and the seller’s insistence on being home… In my opinion, this is not a good idea. The goal is to sell the home to a qualified buyer. In my experience, when the seller is present, the buyer doesn’t preview the home the way they would if they were alone with their agent.

My Advice: Percy & Penelope, if you truly want to sell your home, please take the advice of your agent. Marketing goes a long way in the selling process. If you’re worried about safety, electronic lockboxes are the way to go. They track which agents have come through, so if someone didn’t have an appointment, they have no business in your house and should be reported. The lockboxes also deactivate from 9pm-9am, so you’ll have that extra peace of mind. Also, think about why you have to see who is previewing your home. Hopefully it’s not because of race, politics or religion. Who cares? You’re starting on a different journey. Let another family make memories in their new home.

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